• "Solar power plant of    25.5KWp capicity at Distt. Hospital Baramulla "
  • "Solar power plant of 20KWp capicity at Kheer Bhavani Tullamulla"
  • " Solar power project at Hazrat bal Shrine "
  • "2MV Khari -Power House at ramban  "
  • "Gobargas Biogass  plant Distt.Kathua  "
Contact List
Name Email Id Office Phone No Designation
Dr. P.R.Dharceojakeda2@gmail.com01912456492Chief Executive Officer
Er. Maqsud Ali Bankamaqsudbanka19@gmail.com01942490239Executive Engineer
Er. Khalid Mehmudkhalid.mehmud@gov.in01942490239Executive Engineer
Er. Mohd Yousuf Bhatmybhat2@gmail.com01942490239Executive Engineer
Mr.Muzaffar Malikmuzzafarmalik123@gmail.com01942490239Dy. Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Pedharcaojakeda@gmail.com01912546492Chief Accounts Officer
Ms. Rabia Noorjakedakashmir@gmail.com9796301630Sr. Technical Officer (Kashmir)
Mr. Deepak Sharmajakedajammu@gmail.com9419172600Sr. Technical Officer (Jammu)

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